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We take on projects of all sizes. Here are some of them from over the last five years:

#1-2: We love Bradley Kerl's awesome artwork and had wanted to collaborate for quite some time. When he asked us to design a few ideas for a simple ottoman for an exhibition we were pumped. We ended up collaborating on this CNC cut ottoman using his fabric for the upholstery.

#3-6: Plasma cut plant leaf garden decoration.

#7-9: Desk and shelf for private residence.

#10-12: Retail display and custom stainless table for Amaya Coffee.

#13-14: CNC commemorative plaque for a private client.

#15: CNC inset brass heartbeat sample for metalab/ Dario Robleto.

#16: Hand carving in a fireplace bellows.

#17-18: Brass and Walnut hanging bar shelf for a private residence.

#19: Brass coffee table legs for a private residence.

#20-22: Bobby Heugel approached us to make some walnut and brass martini trays for his bar Tongue-Cut Sparrow. He designed it and we CNC sculpted the trays and laser cut mirrored brass for the inset brass element.

#23-27: Francis fabricated artworks for artist Gabriel Martinez.

#28: We made a custom panic room lock for a private residence.

#29: Theatre props for a production of The Lion, The witch and the Wardrobe.

#30: Gate for a private residence.

#31: Control studios sign. Powdercoated steel.

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