Texican Court


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We built several items designed by Rottet Studio for this independent hotel in Irving, TX.

The designs spec'd a lot of wood that would do well outside in the hot Texas sun so we proposed using Sinker Cypress since cedar was difficult to source at the time. Sinker cypress is cypress that is recovered from the bottoms of freshwater lakes in Louisiana. Only the most dense and resinous cypress sinks and often times is sits at the lake bottom for years or decades, perfectly preserved. We bought a bunch of material from a buddy in New Orleans. It showed up as raw slabs that we then milled and glued into true 4x4 and other usable dimensions.

Using this material, we built two sets of outdoor tables and matching benches, a set of ten sinker cypress lounge chairs and two sinker cypress coffee tables. We also made several force-rusted faceted steel side tables, five accent tables made from reclaimed vintage signage and a unique glass topped steel table with internal lighting.

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Rottet Studio